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  • Facilitator Information
  • Anne O'Byrne
  • 403.441.2383

Candidate #695


  • Buyer/Expediter
  • Masters Degree
  • Seeking Work Experience - Placed

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Buyer/ expediter with 6 years of diversified experience in supply chain management in manufacturing sector
  • Evaluated vendor performance, which included on-time delivery, quality of products, detection of defects, follow up service, and cost analysis
  • Drove competitive pricing by regularly negotiating with vendors, and consistently achieved 2-3% in costs savings across five projects
  • Established strong and lasting relationships with suppliers to attain long term mutually beneficial pricing structures
  • Employed communication skills to work collaboratively with finance department, the production team, along with marketing and sale departments to drive business initiatives
  • Experienced managing RFI, RFQ, PR, PO’s
  • Strong computer skill in MS Office, Excel, Word and Power Point
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Scores
  • TOWES Scores
  • Listen/Speak8/12
  • Reading8/12
  • Writing8/12
  • Reading TextNot yet assessed
  • Document UseNot yet assessed
  • NumeracyNot yet assessed