Being a Host Company

How does it work?

Every year CRTP facilitates the placement of 3 cohorts of work ready internationally trained professionals. The intent of this program is to assist internationally trained professionals to re-enter the Canadian workforce. After 10 weeks intensive in class training, the participants are placed in unpaid internship postitions related to their background and experience.

Any organization or company who would be interested in participating in the work experience placement component is welcome to contact us for more information.

If you just want to see the profiles and resumes of the students we currently have ready for their work experience placements, go to our student profiles and resumes database.

If you are looking to hire please go to our Grad Resume Database.

What will the CRTP team do to make this work for your organization?

We will:

  • work with you upfront to determine the most suitable participant for your company
  • provide you with candidates’ resumes and a qualifications summary that highlights their past experiences
  • arrange interviews with the candidates of your choice
  • provide you with a standard host company agreement.

The whole process is quick, efficient, and cost-effective.

If you choose to offer a work experience placement to one of our CRTP participants, we stay in the picture to:

  • Provide support to both participants and host company supervisors
  • Arrange a work site visit to provide feedback via a participant evaluation form.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

The student interns are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance under the extension of coverage for students attending a post-secondary institution identified as such in the Alberta Government Post Secondary Learning Act.All students engaged in activities that are a normal part of the practicum experience are covered. 

When are placements offered?

Bow Valley College admits participants into the Corporate Readiness Training Program at different times throughout our academic year. The Winter 2017 work experience dates are:

  • Our next Work Experience Placement starts from March 6 to April 28, 2016 for 6 to 8 weeks. The start date is flexible. Please contact Gaurav at 403-410-3198 or Anne at 403-441-2383 for more information.

This program is made possible by funding from Alberta Human Resources & Employment and the Government of Canada.

Pamela Nweze, BSc, Quality Control

CRTP is a program I have told so many of my friends and they are equally willing to attend.

Before  attending CRTP, I didn't know the importance of soft skills. In all sincerity, an employee with high soft skills and average technical…

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