What's in it for you?

The Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP) helps internationally trained workers gain Canadian work experience in their field of expertise. Securing permanent immigrant jobs when you are comfortable and familiar with a Canadian work environment is easier.

As you may know, entering the Canadian professional workforce can seem very difficult to many immigrants. Jobs are available to utilize your professional skills from home. If you already have training in English-as-a-second-language (ESL) we can give you the extra tools you need to find jobs in Calgary that make the most of your qualifications and experience.

The program has a high success rate. Many CRTP participants in Calgary obtain permanent employment with the company that hosts them during the six-week work experience placement.

“There are many wonderful things that I could say about the Corporate Readiness Training Program in Bow Valley College, but the most important is this: this program is focused on the real job market. This program has a lot of strengths and opportunities to get new immigrants ready to work. Now I am going to kick off my second life in Canada.”

Wanwoo (Willy) Lee, CRTP participant and Process Engineer

Who can participate?

It is easy to qualify. You must be:

  • Legally entitled to work and train in Canada;
  • A skilled immigrant, resident in Canada for fewer than 10 years;
  • Have Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) of 6+;
  • Have experience in your country of origin and wish to enter that same field here in Canada; and
  • Need additional English training in a Canadian workplace to secure employment.

You may qualify to take part even if you are:

  • Receiving Employment Insurance (EI); or
  • Receiving Alberta Works Income Support (IS) benefits; or
  • Eligible for EI Reachback. 

Neill Dunning, Host Employer, Geology and Geophysics Manager-Heavy Oil and Gas Business Unit, Husky Energy

"In 2008 Husky Energy had the opportunity to place a geologist graduate from the Corporate Readiness Training Program of Bow Valley College within our business unit at Husky Energy.  We decided to offer him a longer term position.  He is…

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