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An important part of any job hunt is a highly effective resume and it is a major focal point in our CRTP classes.  Different resume styles have different functions and each resume needs to be targeted.  Think about it this way, each resume needs to match its goal.  Does the resume you are writing need to help you get your foot in the door?  If so, you need to highlight all of the skills that will get you that particular job.  What responsibilities did you have in the past that match exactly the ones required to do the job.  You would NOT talk about how you supervised people in that role, in the past, because that would be reaching above the target. 

The resume style that aligns your work history and experience with the position you are targeting would be a Reverse Chronological Resume and a sample of this style of resume can be found below.

However, sometimes your target is to transfer out of one area of expertise and into another field?  A resume for this task would look different.  It would highlight your transferable skills as they relate to the position you are targeting, and would also demonstrate a consistent employment history.  The resume style for this task would be a Combined Resume.  Take a look below and decide which you think would work best for you! 


Reverse Chronological Resume

Reverse Chronological Resume

Combined Resume

Combined Resume

Vijay Panchmatia, P.Log, Logistics

“I needed an insider’s view of my industry, its current state and outlook.  What courses would benefit me, what seminars and networking circles offered better value, which video conferences and industry magazines to subscribe,…

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