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Success in the Workplace (SWP)

Communication and Business Skills Training for Immigrant Professionals


The Success in the Workplace Program (SWP) works with internationally trained professionals, offering ongoing skills training in a format designed to fit busy schedules. Employer participation is key and guarantees that the SWP training meets the needs of an ever-changing workplace.


Internationally trained immigrants who:

  • Aspire to climb the corporate ladder but need to further develop communication and business skills
  • Are currently working in their field but would like to take on tasks of greater responsibility in the future
  • Would like to further develop their skill in; oral communication, finding and using information, writing, working with others and critical thinking
  • Have a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 6 or above in reading, writing, listening and speaking

Are you an employer who has a promising employee who is not progressing because of cultural barriers in communication, cultural misunderstandings or second language challenges? They can be referred to this program.


The 16 week part time program will involve;

  • 3 hours in class training
  • The program will be offered in the Fall and Winter sessions.
  • 3+hours of online instruction using the curriculum tool Blackboard
  • TOWES testing for an accurate skills assessment

 TUITION COSTS: $750.00 (Cont Ed option)


To enrol in the program please email Christine Burke at for more information.

Work site delivery option is available. 

For more information please contact us.

Intercultural Workplace Training Intiatives

Workshop held at Bow Valley College

The following training opportunities will provide strategies for successfully addressing the identified concerns with the goal of increasing work effectiveness while strengthening the connections between all levels of your staff. 

 Costs are inclusive of any consulting services, needs analyses, on-site visits required to provide the most applicable client-focused solutions, and program evaluation.  

 Workshop Format

Bow Valley College strives to make every workshop meaningful and valuable to each participant. To ensure this happens, each workshop is customized to focus on the issues that are present within the organization as a whole, as well as within specific job areas.

 Workshop Duration

Workshop duration is dependent on the outcomes desired by the client, the client’s operational requirements, and the number and type of activities requested by the client.

 Workshops can be facilitated over half-day, full-day and multiple day timeframes. Increasing the duration of the workshop allows facilitators to increase the interactive nature of the workshop, and assign tasks and activities that can be analysed and addressed in subsequent sessions. 

 Workshop Size

Recommended size:  8 to 15 participants.

 Training Location

All training is to be delivered at the client’s worksite. The College will work with your company to determine the optimal training duration and time of day.

 Program Evaluation

A review will be conducted upon the completion of the program to ensure training goals have been met.  The evaluation may include employee self-assessments, evaluation of the content and of the facilitator, as well as other feedback agreed to by both parties.  The data will be analysed to determine effectiveness and provide feedback for continuous improvement. 

 For more information please contact us.

CRTP is part of the Center for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. For more information on initiatives offered by the Center please visit their website. Center


Intercultural Supervision (6 hours)

  This 6 hour long workshop will target front line supervisors who manage culturally diverse employees.  The goal of this workshop is to address intercultural communication strategies as they relate to providing supervision.  The dimension of communication addressed is Manager/Employee.  Major topics will be defined by the needs of your organization and may include but are not limited to:

 Cultural Norms and Cross Cultural Relations

  • Communication Styles and Negotiating Differences
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategies for Working with Linguistically Diverse Employees

 Participants of this workshop will be individuals who are currently in managerial roles or those who are in such a position to transition to a managerial role. 

 At the conclusion of the workshop participants will have a more culturally aware focus as it relates to the day to day operations of their workplace and how it relates to the effective management of a culturally diverse workforce.  In addition, these managers will begin to develop self-awareness while gaining a better understanding of their own role in managing towards a successful work culture.  Understanding the duality of the workplace and the communication between manager and employee will be recognized and participants will start learning how to address cultural specific concerns within the workplace.

 Cost:    $2,500.00

For more information please contact us.

Lunch and Learn Series for Immigrant Employees (90 minutes)

A targeted lunch and learn series will be delivered for your employees for whom English is not a native language (advanced level required).  These sessions can include, but are not limited to:

 Hard Facts about Soft Skills

The focus of this series is on the importance of communication skills and key cultural differences that may exist.  Attention will be given to various language skills regarding tone, intonation, grammar, body language, conflict, and the importance of accurate writing.  Power distance and workplace relationships will also be discussed. 

 The Power of the Question

This workshop will give attention to the use of the question and the various nuances of asking and understanding questions.  Particular focus will be given to using questions for small talk, networking, projects, staff meetings, presentations, performance reviews, and the like.  Discussion will centre on how to ask better questions and how to understand cultural differences as it relates to asking and answering questions, and how to differentiate style of questions. 

 Cultural Dimensions and Perceptions

Understanding what culture is, how it is defined, and how it applies in the workplace is essential in workplace success.  This series will focus on identifying and understanding various cultural dimensions such as: power distance, individual vs. collective, masculine vs. feminine, uncertainty avoidance index, and long term orientation index.

  •  Communication Skills at Work

This workshop will focus on the essential skills of written and oral communication in the workplace.  Participants will be able to:

  • Write more clearly, accurately and effectively at work
  • Create documents that can be read quickly
  • Communicate clearly with colleagues on the phone, through email, at meetings, and face to face
  • Communicate effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Be more accurate and effective when completing workplace documents

 There will be significant attention on these approaches within an intercultural environment with a primary focus on Manager/Employee and Employee/Employee communication.

 Cost: $750/Session

For more information please contact us.


 BVC can support the development of a couple of mentoring strategies:

One-on-One mentoring (4 months 24 hours)

  • Individuals are matched with mentors from the same area of expertise to review work place processes and procedures, ask advice and get direction on career decisions
  • Pairs meet for a total of 24 hours over the course of 4 months. (can be adjusted to meet company needs)
  • All participate in an orientation session and a mid-way workshop (Expanding the mentoring relationship through understanding cultural dimensions)
  • Activities end with a final celebration (lunch or something)

 Cost:          $3000.00 + GST

4 hours of consultation time at $125.00/hour

 Mentoring Circles (3 months 9 meetings)

  • One mentor meets with 3 mentees to discuss pre-arranged topics
    • Essential Skills
    • Intercultural communication skills
    • Ethics
    • Etc. (can be tailored to company’s needs)

All mentoring programs begin with the process of setting ground rules and boundaries for the mentoring relationship. All mentoring pairs are formed for a finite time period so participants understand there is a beginning and an end.

Cost:          $2,500.00 + GST

20 hours at $125/hour

For more information please contact us.

Essential Skills Training

 A comprehensive and uniquely customized six session training course will be developed to target the needs of your organization.  This series is based on enhancing worker skills at finding and using information, learning new technology and software through online programming, navigating and organizing emails, and responding to the demands of day to day operations within a fast paced work environment.  Workplace development is addressed on an individual level.

 Key topics discussed during these sessions will include:


Document Use Strategies

Continuous Learning

Oral and Writing Communication

Writing at Work

Finding and Using Information

Reading Text

 Essential Skills training will evaluate where proficiency gaps exist and complete focused training in these areas, thereby allowing learners to develop an effective skill set applicable to the work setting.

 Project Cost:

24 hours at $125/hour

 $3,000.00 + GST

  Given the timeline of events discussed during the meeting, the workshops will be implemented one month after the last workplace assessment.  This will allow the College to accurately customize the content to meet the specific needs of your organization.

For more information please contact us.

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