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Yanira Parra, Account Manager, RBC

The Corporate Readiness Training Program benefits internationally trained professionals and the companies that offer them valuable experience in a Canadian workplace.

Just ask Nathan Higgins. Nathan is Vice-President of the Prairie Subdivision of Hatch Mott MacDonald, a global firm with 800 Canadian employees. Their Calgary office specializes in engineering for airports, rail transportation, and highways. When they needed the services of an electrical technician to design circuits for Calgary’s Light Rail Transit system, they turned to the Corporate Readiness Training Program at Bow Valley College.

“We were looking for a technical person with an electrical background who would fit well with our existing team. The College did a great job of identifying our needs, pre-screened all the applicants, and shortlisted five people for us to interview for the no-obligation six-week placement. All were excellent candidates.”

“We chose Viktor Listvan for the placement. Qualified as an electrical engineer in Lithuania, Viktor clearly had the potential to offer our firm a great deal once he learned our business. It was like he had always been a member of our team. From day one his personality and experience allowed him to step right in and contribute to our firm.”

Viktor is now a permanent employee. “I work with five or six people on circuit design, and am able to use lots of my Lithuanian training. Together we also do lots of social activities, which lets me practice my English.”

Viktor is on the train signalling team for now, but Higgins sees a day when he may move into the highly specialized field of airport runway lighting. Meanwhile, the company is supporting Viktor’s efforts to receive professional accreditation as an engineer in Canada.

It turned out to be a great experience for Viktor and Hatch Mott MacDonald.  Higgins says the company would gladly host another participant from the Corporate Readiness Training Program. “This is great way for a company to find key staff and try them out without cost or obligation. And with Bow Valley College right in our back yard, you couldn’t ask for better support.”

Directions for Immigrants

Directions for Immigrants help Internationally Educated Professionals navigate their path towards securing employment in their profession and gaining accreditation. All services are provided at no-cost to clients.

Our services include:

  • One-on-one career coaching
  • Resource centre
  • Workshops 
  • Workplace communication groups
  • Exam preparation study groups for engineers, geoscientists, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers and doctors

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Rugiya Aliyeva, MA Economics,Banking Credit Analyst

The CRTP program helped me to feel more confident, to recognize my transferable skills which is very important in my case, as I have banking background and now working in education industry but in finance department where I can transfer my previous knowledge…

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