“There are many wonderful things that I could say about the Corporate Readiness Training Program in Bow Valley College, but the most important is this: this program is focused on the real job market. This program has a lot of strengths and opportunities to get new immigrants ready to work. Now I am going to kick off my second life in Canada.”

Wanwoo (Willy) Lee, CRTP participant and Process Engineer

"CRTP helped me learn about resume writing, interview skills and Canadian workplace culture.  I benefitted a lot from all discussions, articles and subjects that were brought up in the class.I wish it would be possible for more people to have the opportunity to be in this essential program."

- Mahsa Kazemi, CRTP Graduate and Project Engineer

"The CRTP program has given me important skills and advice for getting into my field. There were days when I felt frustrated and down but they motivated me to not give up. My efforts paid off because I was offered a job."

 - Carlos Islas, CRTP Graduate and Process Improvement Engineer

"The CRTP program has helped me fulfill my dream of working in the Oil and gas industry in Canada.

I believe CRTP is a great platform and a wonderful program,which helps professionally trained immigrants to transition into their various fields and take their careers to the next level, when they arrive Canada."

– Chioma Obi-Ebenezer, CRTP Graduate and Electrical Project Engineer


Brad Ingram, Host Employer,Technical Services Manager,PBS Financial Systems Inc

"I am writing this letter to thank you for introducing PBS to the Corporate Readiness Training Program. Kun (Kevin) Tang started at PBS on a six week work experience placement and has worked out great.We look forward to having Kevin as a permanent member of our Technical team."

Reid Heskes, Host Employer, GL Accountant, Calgary Board of Education

The opportunity to work with a CRTP work placement student was an extremely positive experience for the CBE. As a learning organization, it is always great to aid in the progression of an individual’s personal skills and professional career. It is always satisfying to know that you are helping people grow and learn.

 Working with this program allowed the CBE to identify and develop a strong, competent, and enthusiastic employee that is contributing to our ongoing success.

 The experience with BVC’s CRTP work placement program has led us to developing a strong relationship with the program which will hopefully continue to be a positive ongoing partnership.

Reid Heskes B.Comm, CMA, PMP

Rugiya Aliyeva, MA Economics,Banking Credit Analyst

The CRTP program helped me to feel more confident, to recognize my transferable skills which is very important in my case, as I have banking background and now working in education industry but in finance department where I can transfer my previous knowledge and thus improve my skills to be useful and efficient in my new role.

its only in CRTP I could learn how to write a proper cover letter and resume. Before the program I did not pay much attention to the cover letter and I was sure that employer would select my resume anyway, even without a cover letter. But I was wrong. It is only after  having learned all the rules related to the job search process at CRTP  I started getting phone calls for real job interviews and ultimately I was offered a job at one of the local banks.

 I am very thankful to CRTP for preparing me well for corporate environment and letting me start my career in Canada from the very interesting prospective, which I believe will lead to a prosperous future for me and my family. Ruguyya Aliyeva, CRTP Grad, CBE employee

Muhammed Amer, M.Eng, Transporation Engineer

"My experience at Bow Valley College in CRTP was great. The training I got at CRTP helped me find the job in my profession. I am working at ITrans-Consulting LTF as a Transportation planner. This is the company I was placed for work experience through CRTP."

Jenny (Jie) Li, MSc. Oil & Gas Development/Reservoir Engineer

I would highly recommend CRTP program to professional immigrants. The resume and cover letter prepared me a high quality portfolio for job hunting. The staff meetings, the presentations, the company research and the workplace cultures helped me fit in the host company. Now I feel more confident of realizing my dreams.

Jenny has started her career at Aspenleaf Energy Limited  as a reservoir engineer.  

Min Suk Choi, MBA, Project Cost Analyst

"Starting a new life in a foreign country is not always exciting. Sometimes it is stressful because we need to make special efforts to overcome the language barrier, to understand the people and the culture to which they belong. It is very important to have someone who can help our soft landings in a new society. The Corporate Readiness Training Program was a great bridge that not only expedited me to find a professionals opportunity, but also helped me practice how to maintain the balance between work and life."

Mahdi Mirzaei, CRTP Student Fall 2014

Not only did this CRTP teach me the proper techniques for job hunting (resume writing, cover letter, interview skills, etc.) but it also taught me how to deal with stressful conditions during unemployment, and overcome barriers to employment. In my opinion, my experience in CRTP will be tremendously useful for my whole employment lifetime. Thanks to the CRTP team for all of their support. 

Mahdi is currently employed with Gentherm Global Power Technologies. 

Gord Kopp, Host Employer, Manager of Operations Support & Projects

"Bow Valley College and AltaGas Ltd. have a relationship by providing CRTP practicum students with real life, day-to day working environments within our organization. The program enables students to apply classroom education and previous workplace expeience to present day corporate life in Canada. I wish you continued success in the program and look forward to interviewing and selecting another practicum student in the near future."

Marty Gadd, Canadian Pacific Railway, Host Employer

“CP is involved in the program because we think it is a great way for talented new Canadians to gain work experience and business contacts in the Canadian corporate environment, while CP managers and staff have an opportunity to enhance our cross-cultural communication skills, and benefit from the participants’ skills and expertise.  Our last work experience student was able to convert SAP training material into a format that could be read by the “Job Access with Speech” (JAWS) screen reading software used by visually impaired employees. Through his skill and initiative, he was able to identify and implement a new and highly automated process that reduced the translation time by 67%. The partnership with Bow Valley is a win-win proposition for everyone involved.”


Marty Gadd, Director, Enterprise Business & Architecture, IS, Canadian Pacific


Ryan Armstrong, Host employer, Team Lead, Financial Analysis, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

 "This is to express my support and appreciation for the Corporate Readiness Training Program currently offered by Bow Valley College.   The individual turned out to have an excellent skill set, and was a good fit with the Enbridge team, so much so that we hired him at the end of the program. Based on my experience, I would recommend the CRTP to others, and would consider using the program again in the future."

Annegirl Berin, Sales Support Representative

"I believe that CRTP was a good opportunity to put one's career and future in clearer perspective.  It enabled me to understand better Canadian work culture, while exploring several possibilities on how I can maximize my knowledge, abilities and skills in the corporate arena and bring value to it.  One important decision I made in my life was to join CRTP."

Zhenping Han, CRTP and CRIEC Mentorship Graduate, BSc Engineering, Husky Energy

CRTP in deed provided me with all the essentials (resume, success stories, interview techniques, portfolio, small talks, Canadian work place culture, balance between competitive edge, diplomacy on table, and analysis in logic, and ...).

CRTP not only lead me to an employment, but more importantly prepared me with a systematic approach in terms of job hunting and maintaining employment.

Yes, CRTP is highly appreciated.

Sherif Refaat, Civil Engineer, Robertson Building Systems - An NCI Company

CRTP did not only provide me with necessary tools to understand the Canadian work environment, but it has made me feel welcomed in Canada - Thanks to CRTP team. 

Danny Wolsey, LEED AP, P.Eng., Principal at Wolsey Structural Engineering, Ltd.

We have been lucky enough to have a student from the Corporate Readiness Training Program for the past two years and have found that the students have been very professional and capable, and contributed to our team on many levels. We would highly recommend other companies take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Michael Tong- Electrical Engineer

"Through the outstanding curriculum, I was able to get a better understanding of how to approach the Canadian job market and improve my communcation skills for the workplace. At AltaLink, I still benefit from what I learned in CRTP" everyday"

Jackson (Jianqiang) Yang, M Geology

Jianqang (Jackson) Yang, a Geologist from China graduated from the Corporate Readiness Training Program in 2008. Shortly after, he started with Husky Energy in the Geology Department.  Jackson continues to show his support for CRTP and new students by sharing his experience at roundtable events each intake.

Reza Razavi, CRTP Graduate

CRTP program helped me and my wife to get in to the right direction for searching new job opportunities and enhanced our soft skills which  leaded to finding a job in a short time after we immigrated to Canada. This kind of support and training not only helped me in the short term but also in the long term to approach my career goals.

Pamela Nweze, BSc, Quality Control

CRTP is a program I have told so many of my friends and they are equally willing to attend.

Before  attending CRTP, I didn't know the importance of soft skills. In all sincerity, an employee with high soft skills and average technical skills has a higher chance of keeping his or her job than an employee with the opposite set of skills. I am really thankful to you all who gave us that awareness before sending us to a work placement.

I am confident that I now know how to write a proper resume and cover letter, also when faced with an interview, I am sure that my STAR story will wow any interviewer. I could go on and on.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my gratitude to you all. Pamela is currently working at Elliot and Company.

Neill Dunning, Host Employer, Geology and Geophysics Manager-Heavy Oil and Gas Business Unit, Husky Energy

"In 2008 Husky Energy had the opportunity to place a geologist graduate from the Corporate Readiness Training Program of Bow Valley College within our business unit at Husky Energy.  We decided to offer him a longer term position.  He is still with us and working out very well. It is my opinion that the preparation he received at Bow Valley College was instrumental in preparing him for the opportunity at Husky".

Olasunmbo Durosola, CHRP, HR Advisor

“Immigrating can be disorienting and can kill confidence when our social skills in the Canadian context are not well developed. Language still remains a barrier for us and if not overcome quickly, no matter how good our skills are, we will always be considered weak professionally if our contributions cannot strengthen high performing teams. The down side it that we may become strong individual contributors but may never go beyond positions reserved for early career professionals.”

Vijay Panchmatia, P.Log, Logistics

“I needed an insider’s view of my industry, its current state and outlook.  What courses would benefit me, what seminars and networking circles offered better value, which video conferences and industry magazines to subscribe, which association/s to join?  And I was fortunate to get all that from my mentor!”

Azam Khan, M Eng. Geomatics, Spring 2010

"Jobs are there in the market but the biggest challenge is to generate the interview for myself. For this I have learned new strategies at CRTP program like developing a cover letter, resume format and content. The best thing is to learn how to network and where to network. Since I joined the program, I am now actively participating in events organized by professional associations and look for networking opportunities in these events.For keeping job, I have learned and still learning the soft skills especially the art of small talk which I think is the first step in developing your network."  

Danny Wolsey, LEED AP, P.Eng., Principal at Wolsey Structural Engineering, Ltd.

We have been lucky enough to have a student from the Corporate Readiness Training Program for the past two years and have found that the students have been very professional and capable, and contributed to our team on many levels. We would highly…

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