WEIP & CRTP History

Decades of Experience in Training New Canadians

Bow Valley College is a fast, focused and flexible post-secondary educational institution serving more than 16,000 learners annually in Calgary and at campuses throughout southern Alberta. Over 88% of our graduates obtain full-time employment, which reflects the expertise we have gained in 54 years of work with adults in transition. Nationally and internationally recognized as specialists in foundational and employ-ability skills, the college works closely with business and industry, educational institutions, government, and agencies across all sectors. No other institution in Calgary has the same level of expertise, experience, and dedication to working with adults from diverse backgrounds.

Training Work Ready Graduates

Many of the training programs for internationally trained professionals have included a work experience placement component.  Training combined with practical experience in the workplace has proven to be a an effective way to help find jobs for immigrants and make the overall transition into the Canadian workplace faster. BVC has developed a solid reputation for training work ready graduates.

To list just a few precursors to CRTP:

  • Working Towards Success (1996-1997)
  • English for Work (1997-1999)
  • Work Experience for Immigrants (1999-2007)

"I have enjoyed the easy access to a wide range of experienced and qualified job applicants. These individuals displayed positive attitudes, excellent experience, maturity and a willingness to tackle any level of challenge that were offered them."

Jeff Conley, Manager of Product Engineering, Flexpipe Systems

Partnerships with Employers

The Corporate Readiness Training Program, building on the connections of the Work Experience for Immigrants Program (WEIP) has provided a vehicle for establishing direct relationships with employers. In its eighteenth year of operation, the program has made contact with over 700 companies. Over 350 Calgary companies have hosted work experience students.

Program Success Rates

Over the past decade market conditions have fluctuated and employment rates have risen and fallen. The rate of WEIP/ CRTP graduates finding meaningful employment has been significantly higher than the average Calgary highly skilled immigrant  job seeker. Employment rates in the last 10 years have ranged from 75%-100% with an average of over 80% of our graduates finding meaningful employment within 6 months of graduation.

Danny Wolsey, LEED AP, P.Eng., Principal at Wolsey Structural Engineering, Ltd.

We have been lucky enough to have a student from the Corporate Readiness Training Program for the past two years and have found that the students have been very professional and capable, and contributed to our team on many levels. We would highly…

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