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If your company is short staffed, or needs specialized expertise from highly motivated professionals, you may wish to become a host company, providing work experience for a participant in the Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP).

Designed for internationally trained professionals who wish to re-enter their field of expertise, CRTP combines job-related classroom instruction with a relevant eight-week work experience placement.  By offering this placement for a skilled worker, you compliment their education with Canadian work experience and may even find employees that last long term.

As a host company, you receive:

  • The international experience and expertise of the participant for eight weeks, 30-40 hours a week, free of charge;
  • Ample opportunity to observe the participant’s skills and assess his or her suitability for employment with your company;
  • Bow Valley College’s acceptance of all liability for the participant, including Workers Compensation Board coverage; and
  • The chance to help a new Canadian enter the workforce at little or no cost or risk.

There is no obligation to hire a participant at the conclusion of the eight-week work placement.


“My experience with both the program through my employment at Flexpipe and Standen’s Limited has been very positive. I have enjoyed the easy access to a wide range of experienced and qualified job applicants. I have had the pleasure to work with several individuals through work experience placements through the program. These individuals displayed positive attitude, excellent experience, maturity and a willingness to tackle any level of challenge that was offered to them. This program allows us to quickly add needed temporary resources on short notice. The biggest benefit of being involved in the program is the opportunity to identify outstanding individuals for permanent hire.” 
Jeff Conley, Manager of Product Engineering, Flexpipe Systems

Azam Khan, M Eng. Geomatics, Spring 2010

"Jobs are there in the market but the biggest challenge is to generate the interview for myself. For this I have learned new strategies at CRTP program like developing a cover letter, resume format and content. The best thing is to learn how to…

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