Grad Resumes

  • Facilitator Information
  • Gaurav Nagpal
  • 403.410.3198

Candidate #729


  • Engineer - Petroleum
  • Masters Degree
  • Seeking Work Experience - Placed


  • Analyzed reservoir rock and fluid data to design optimum recovery methods and to predict reservoir performance and reserves
  • Monitored and forecasted oil and gas reservoir performance and recommended oil recovery techniques which extend the economic life of wells
  • Conducted feasibility assessment studies for developing new oil and gas fields
  • Monitored and evaluated the completion and evaluation of wells, well testing and well surveys
  • Designed and selected artificial lift machinery, installation and operation of surface and subsurface production equipment and systems, and specified programs for corrosion control and oil or gas treatment
  • Conducted a presentation for C-level executives of Turkish Petroleum Corporation to persuade them to invest in polymer gel injection for four wells in Turkey that resulted in an increase cumulative production
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Scores
  • TOWES Scores
  • Listen/Speak8/12
  • Reading8/12
  • Writing7/12
  • Reading Text3/5
  • Document Use3/5
  • Numeracy4/5