Student Profiles & Resumes

  • Facilitator Information
  • Gaurav Nagpal
  • 403.410.3198

Candidate #757


  • Financial/Investment Analyst
  • Masters Degree
  • Seeking Work Experience - Placed


  • 3 years’ experience as a Corporate Performance Analyst/Financial Analyst in a Conglomerate with operations in hospitality, financial services, security, real estate and oil & gas.
  • Monitored and measured various companies’ performance against predetermined KPIs to ensure that the companies meet a minimum of 80% of profit targets for the year.
  • Conducted a competitive analysis/research for a security company to analyze information about services offered by rival security firms and provided recommendations based on the analysis for enhanced business growth.
  • Collaborated with a team in the selection and engagement of external consultants for the purpose of offering strategic support services to our group of companies; developed a scoring template used in collating and analyzing results of consultants’ evaluation exercise.
  • Master’s Degree in International Business.
  • Successfully completed an International Risk Management Certificate from the Institute of Risk Management, UK. 


  • Canadian Language Benchmark Scores
  • TOWES Scores
  • Listen/Speak8/12
  • Reading8/12
  • Writing8/12
  • Reading Text4/5
  • Document Use2/5
  • Numeracy3/5