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  • Facilitator Information
  • Gaurav Nagpal
  • 403.410.3198

Candidate #913


  • IT-Web Designer
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Seeking Work Experience - Available

Energetic User Experience Designer with a clear understanding of modern technologies and best design practices. Passionate in delivering well-crafted user experience and interface designs that help businesses achieve their goals, while providing the user with a unique and satisfying experience.

• Developed and designed all communication materials for print and online campaign for different television shows produced by the company.
• Responsible for research, prototyping, design and implementation of a travel app (Discover Nigeria); Carried out extensive user research interaction, visual design, translates mockups and wireframes into fully featured production screens for the app.
• Updated web style sheets and pages on a regular basis for various websites as required and prepared site update reports for submission to management.
• Consulted with the marketing team to create/develop the design of banner ads, and other design components needed for marketing and communication and new potential web content.
• Collaborated on a design team tasked with redesigning the UX/UI of a web portal needed for the launch of a new DTH platform; Executed the user flow, interaction design for the web portal.

  • Canadian Language Benchmark Scores
  • TOWES Scores
  • Listen/Speak8/12
  • Reading8/12
  • Writing8/12
  • Reading TextNot yet assessed
  • Document UseNot yet assessed
  • NumeracyNot yet assessed