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  • Gaurav Nagpal
  • 403.410.3198

Candidate #946


  • Engineering - Chemical
  • Masters Degree
  • Seeking Work Experience - Available

Over 5 years of experience in research and development of novel synthetic resins, specialized polyolefin elastomer (POE) product development, experiment design, process simulation and drafting

Designed a 1000 ton/ year pilot-scale POE production process with a team of 6 people, managed PFD drafting and simulations of reaction and flash units, proficient in professional software such as Aspen Plus, Hysis, AutoCAD, etc.

Devised series of solution polymerization experiments, conducted more than 100 lab syntheses, characterized products with FTIR, DSC, SEM, GPC and mechanical testing; obtained target products with 20% less time than scheduled

Established a detailed background research report of POE production and development, using common academic search engines and databases such as Wiley Online, Elsevier, ScienceDirect and Google Scholar,

Eligible for registration as Professional Engineer with APEGA; PMP certification in progress (Fall 2020)

  • Canadian Language Benchmark Scores
  • TOWES Scores
  • Listen/Speak8/12
  • Reading8/12
  • Writing8/12
  • Reading TextNot yet assessed
  • Document UseNot yet assessed
  • NumeracyNot yet assessed