Program Description

What is Corporate Readiness Training Program?

The Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP) helps internationally trained professionals gain Canadian work experience in a professional field in Canada. After completing the program many participants find that securing a job is easier when you are more comfortable and familiar with the Canadian work environment.

Our program has a high work experience placement rate. CRTP participants have the skills to effectively look for work and an opportunity to earn a professional reference in Calgary.

*Eligibility Requirements

You must:

  • Be legally entitled to work and train in Canada;
  • Be a skilled immigrant, resident in Canada for fewer than 10 years;
  • Have English language proficiency scores equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) of 6+. Please note your language score results are valid for two years from the day of testing;
  • Be a Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen or Convention Refugee; 
  • Be ready, willing and able to go to work;
  • Have international work experience and wish to enter that same field here in Canada;
  • Need Canadian professional work experience; and 
  • Need additional English training in a Canadian workplace to secure employment.

You may qualify to take part even if you are:

  • Receiving Employment Insurance (EI); or
  • Receiving Alberta Works Income Support (IS) benefits; or
  • Eligible for EI Reachback. 

This program is popular. We receive more applications than we can accommodate. Your application will be judged based on your English language proficiency scores, past education and experience and the quality of your written submission. Simply meeting the basic requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

How does it work?

The Corporate Readiness Training Program is a 16 week program that consists of:

  • 8 weeks of full-time, on-line classes, employment-related training for internationally trained professionals who have a minimum of a Canadian language benchmark of 6+ or equivalent
  • 8 weeks of professional work experience (unpaid) that can lead to a Canadian reference
  • An additional 6 months of follow-up support, including continued job search assistance.

NOTE: CRTP works with ALL professions with the exception of regulated health care occupations, lawyers and teachers.

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Olasunmbo Durosola, CHRP, HR Advisor

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